It is time for smarter Utilities!

What can you monitor and why?

Utility consumption, Solar power production and enviromental parameters.



To help people understand their consumption, reduce in-efficiency and waste. Ultimately to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, leading to cost savings and a cleaner environment.

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To monitor and remotely control heating costs and never worry about leaving the gas on again.

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To make water damage from leakage impossible. Stay safe and calm with real-time alerts and manage the costs for water consumption.

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Because you can't put a price on health, but you can quantify the inputs to a healthy environment indoors.

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Consumption information

Get comprehensive information about your household, office or business utility consumption and costs.

Realtime data and alerts

Monitor and get alerts in real time, updated every minute, find out about problems and unusual utility consumption instantly.

Email reports & statistics

Learn from historical data in monthly or weekly reports or download your data for later processing and evaluation.

Always with you

Access the data anytime and anywhere from any computer, tablet or mobile phone, through our secure cloud portal.

Can I see a demo of the app?

Why do you need this?

Because with our monitoring system, you always know what’s going on inside your house or business.

Did I switch off the gas stove when I left home this morning? Is the heater still running on the deck?

How much does it cost when all the office computers are left running uselessly through the night?

Does the fridge work as it’s supposed to? Or is my air conditioner working efficiently?

Is my utility network okay?  Why are my bills so high? Is there a leaking water pipe causing damage?

Why choose us for your monitoring needs?

Because we provide a fully integrated hardware and software solution for your needs.


Best in class hardware solutions with long life and high reliability.

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User-centric energy management system for all utilities.

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Compatible with the majority of metering equipment.

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Unlimited data storage allowing infinite comparison and analysis.

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Where can I buy the system?

The System

The Homebase collects the data from up to 30 installed Energomonitor sensors through secured low power radio signals and transfers the data to our secure cloud system. There you can see the data with an App for various devices. It is possible to receive push notifications and alerts in specific events. Data can also be shown on a portable display with built-in basic air quality sensors. The Airsense range provides you with complex indoor air quality data. With access to our REST API you can develop your own apps.


The Homebase

The heart of every Energomonitor installation. The Homebase collects data via a wireless connection to all sensors in a particular location. The Homebase is connected to your network and securely transmits the collected data to our cloud servers.

The Sensors

With one Homebase you can connect up to 30 different senors, including Power Consumption, Solar Production, Water Use, Gas Use, Air Quality, Temperatur and Humidity. More sensors are currently in devlopment.


The Energomonitor Powersense set measures electricity consumption or production by induction coils installed on 1- or 3-phase wires leading to your main breaker cabinet/panel.

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The Energomonitor Optosense set measures electricity consumption or production by reading the optical impulse output of a digital electricity meter.

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Relaysense Gas

The Energomonitor Relaysense Gas set measures gas consumption by reading the impulse output of a gas meter.

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Relaysense Water

The Energomonitor Relaysense Water set measures water consumption by connecting to the impulse counter of a suitable water meter.

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The Energomonitor Thermosense set is a thermometer for indoor or outdoor use. It provides you with precise temperature readings.

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The Energomonitor Airsense sensor monitors complex air quality in the interior – CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity.

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How can you save money?


Data that’s accessible anytime and anywhere, from any computer or mobile device. Scheduled email reports – weekly and monthly.

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Unlimited browsing of your consumption history, which is updated ever 60 seconds. Info on all the events you’re curious about .

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Comprehensive information about utility consumption and energy production. Exports of full data history into XLS and CSV.

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A real-time overview of all sensors – Power, Solar, Water, Gas and Environment and notifications about individually adjustable alerts.

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